Our Portfolio

Secured Lending’s existing portfolio comprises hotels, health clubs, real estate and operational UK solar. Below are some examples of our existing portfolio:

Alternate Energies

Alternate Energies owns a portfolio of over 200 Solar PV FIT assets mounted on the roofs of Colchester Borough Council owned housing.  The installations were constructed prior to March 2012, so have been operating for 8 years, providing a reliable income stream.   The PV systems in the portfolio are OFGEM accredited entitling them to receive a 25 year index linked fixed level of income generated.

Rooftop with solar

Kingfisher Resorts St Ives

Kingfisher Resorts St Ives is a UK leisure company that owns the UNA St Ives Resort in Cornwall.   UNA is a multi function holiday complex comprising letting lodges, spa/health club and an award winning restaurant.  The resort is in the process of expanding and has planning permission  for a 55-unit apartment-hotel and 92 new luxury 2,3 and 4 bedroom holiday villas.

Kingfisher Resorts St Ives